Bree, RSPCA NSW’s Animal Transport Officer, shares her story

  • Monday, 9 March 2020

Bree, our Animal Transport Officer, is one of many RSPCA NSW staff deployed to fire-affected regions to help our state’s animals. Her presence in the field, and the supplies, food and medicine she handed out, was all because of the support from animal lovers like you.

The countless kilometres, the immeasurable impact, the on-the-ground support was because of you being by our side.

Here is Bree to tell you a little more about her work in bushfire-affected regions across New South Wales – work that you made possible.

Just last week, our country received the merciful news that this summer’s catastrophic bushfires have been contained.

The staggeringly generous donations from animal lovers like you have meant we could be there in the crisis – now it means we can continue to be there as the long road to recovery continues.

Because of you, community relief points will continue to distribute supplies, calls will continue to be answered, emergency veterinary treatment will continue to be administered – your generosity will be spread far and wide, so the animals and people who need our help the most will receive it.

Watch the video here.