Update on Kangaroo Island from RSPCA SA

  • Wednesday, 1 April 2020

After two months of our supplementary feeding program to support wildlife on Kangaroo Island, we begin to refocus efforts to encourage native animals to forage for themselves.

Amid this global pandemic, our volunteer work on the island still continues. We are now very slowly reducing the amount of feed, and according to our Field Operations Manager, Melanie, there are increasingly positive signs that the animals are finding their own food as habitats regenerate.

The team has started to reduce the attractiveness of food on offer by providing pellets only, while volunteers are reducing the number of times feed stations are replenished, returning to some sites every three days instead of every two.

“It’s tough, but we have to be a bit mean to be kind – we don’t want animals to rely long-term on the supplementary feed we’re providing,” says Melanie.

It's a very difficult time for our organisation and we don't know what tomorrow will bring. But for now, you can rest assured that thanks to all those that generously donated, the surviving animals on KI are in good hands.

We plan to continue this important work until new government restrictions prevent us from doing so.