Your donations in action

  • Friday, 15 May 2020

RSPCA NSW was able to respond immediately and effectively in this crisis – $1.3 million was spent on the ground, rescuing and treating injured animals in their hour of need, as well as supporting animal owners in crisis by providing food, bedding, emergency surgery, temporary fencing and animal housing, medicine and flea and tick treatment.

When the fires were tearing through the state with anger and ferocity, leaving nothing but smoulder and devastation, we immediately dispatched a team of RSPCA NSW animal experts to nine emergency evacuation centres. In the days and weeks following the fires, 32 pop-up relief points were established to directly support impacted communities with much-needed supplies.

RSPCA NSW had a persistent presence in multiple towns, way up north and way down south. In one case, that meant being the very first emergency response organisation to lend a hand in the severely fire-ravaged town of Towamba.